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Museum of Ethnography in Mogilev was opened in 1981 as a branch of the Mogilev regional museum. I was in a wooden house built in the early twentieth century. Museum halls covering an area of ??100 square meters. M.

Nikolsky Women’s Monastery, the construction of the monastery began in the XVII century, but it was ruined for many times in wars and the period of soviet atheism. In 1990-s during the works on the revival of the monastery there were found numerous human remains.

St. Stanislas Church the city’s Catholic cathedral where parishioners will often be singing. The original frescoes survived World War II remarkably well. It is very beautiful inside.

St Nicholas Monastery the 1668 Cathedral dome is being restored and the iconostasis and frescos are magnificent inside. Outside the nuns tend beautiful flower gardens and a variety of apple trees. The outside of the church features many beautiful frescoes and it is not surprising that the site is being considered by UNESCO for World Heritage status. You need to wear a skirt and scarf if you’re female which will be provided to you at the gate if necessary.