Mogilev zoo

Mogilev zoo was built in 2004, the opening day is considered to be May 9, 2005 goda.Raspolagaetsya left along the Dnieper River in the area of ​​124 hectares. Along the perimeter of the zoo is equipped with a pedestrian route, there are viewing platforms.

Customers moving along a fenced path and going to special Observation towers have the opportunity to observe animals in their familiar usloviyah.Osnovnuyu part of the zoo occupy the exclusive enclosures in which they live in the Belarusian forests – bison, deer, wild boar, elk, deer, wolves, foxes., raccoon dogs, etc. in addition, the zoo live: Siberian tiger, deer, lynx, sheep, rabbits, ducks, grouse, owl, tawny owl, pheasant, hawks and dr.Zheleznaya road zoo launched in the spring of 2009. to 10 km / h. The length of the road is 2 km away. The enclosure can not be seen Bialowieza bison, European fallow deer and sika deer.

When traveling by rail, you can watch an extensive system of canyons that were formed in the territory of a zoo in the Ice Age. In the zone of intensive visits to the zoo part of the canyon is converted into an artificial pond where waterfowl inhabit the representatives of the fauna of our country – the duck and lebedi.K The adjacent zoo stylized “Ethnographic Belarusian village” – an open-air museum. In the village, you can visit the house of blacksmith, potter, acquainted with the life of the Belarusian people, in the beginning of the twentieth. The estate of the landowner settled café and hotel, in the country houses – artisan workshops and souvenir shops.